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Payment deterioration a major APAC trend, even before COVID

Late payments from trading partners will be a big concern in 2020 and beyond.

Preparing for what comes after COVID-19

Even after 2020 ends, the coronavirus will be a business consideration for year to come. Here's what to expect.

What will a post-COVID-19 world look like for corporations?

Here are some of the trends shaping post-pandemic life for corporations to be aware of.

Export insurance: what is it and do you need it?

When exporting goods overseas, there are many risks to consider, but relying on export insurance can help mitigate those risks before they become a problem.

How Coface business information reports enhance decision-making

Business information reports from Coface can help you make better decision on risk-taking with insight into trade partner financials and credit profiles.

Why you need business information to manage exporting risks

Transparency into trading partner operations is essential. But too often, companies lack the insights needed to make informed decisions.

What is third-party debt collection?

Outsourcing your debt collections to a third party can provide you with specialised support and experience in securing payments or initiating legal proceedings.

Do you need trade credit insurance?

You should seriously consider taking out trade credit insurance to mitigate concerns and business risks.

The global trade toll of COVID-19 and how SMEs are coping

While COVID-19 has disrupted global trade, Australian and New Zealand SMEs are still forging forward.

Is it legal to charge interest on overdue invoices in Australia?

While it is legal to charge interest on overdue invoices in Australia, there are provisions that need to be in place to make sure you are going about it correctly and fairly.