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Is it legal to charge interest on overdue invoices in Australia?

While it is legal to charge interest on overdue invoices in Australia, there are provisions that need to be in place to make sure you are going about it correctly and fairly.

Typical trade credit insurance cost: is it worth it?

Read on to explore whether credit trade insurance is worth it for your business, and how it can help you avoid dire financial straits.

Bad vs. doubtful debt, and how the provision works

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, which makes anything that stems this flow a threat to business sustainability. That said, extending lines...

What is a trade creditor?

As you conduct trade both within Australia and overseas, you will likely either become a trade creditor to someone else, or accrue creditors in your...

What is political risk, and how does impact trade credit?

Concerned about how political risk may impact your overseas trading? Here's what to look out for, and some solutions to mitigate your liability.

In plain English: Australian debt collection guidelines

Australia's debt collection guidelines ensure that creditors can pursue what's owed to them, but that debtors are protected from inappropriate behaviour.

Trade credit insurance: What is it, and what do you need...

It's common to purchase insurance that deals with specific and dramatic circumstances such as theft or property damage, but just as important is insurance...

Trade credit insurance: The different types and how to manage risk

  Here on the Coface blog, we've focused a lot on the importance of trade credit insurance (TCI) to Australian businesses, and how the right...

What are the types of credit insurance?

  There are all sorts of different types of insurance available to individuals and businesses. While each of these is designed to account for specific...

What is creditors turnover and why does it matter?

  In order for businesses to succeed when trading goods and services internationally, it's critical to have as much information as possible about their trading...